Monday. September 23, 2019

Business News

5 Goods That African Merchants Can Export To China

We came up with a list of our top 5 goods that African Merchants can export to China. This list is not a list of China's biggest imports because that would mean including the likes of crude oil and iron ore which aren't easily accessible for export to the average ...

3 of the Most Effective Marketing Campaigns of All Time

Advertising should never be just after thought. Too often, businesses make the mistake of believing a good product speaks for itself, but the times when that held truth are long gone.

It's easy to see advertising as the cosmetic touches on top of a solid foundation. However, these examples ...

Lagos-based mobile solutions startup, GONA raises multi-million dollar fund for expansion

GONA is a mobile payments platform with primary operations in Lagos. The startup recently announced the completion of a multi-million dollar Pre-A round of financing.

According to news website, the Chinese-led investment came from Crystal Stream Capital, Unity VC and Shaka VC.

Liu Xiaojun, founder and CEO ...

Spectranet Introduces Spectra-Cular Data Plans, Drives Affordable Connectivity

As part of efforts to make internet connectivity affordable and accessible to subscribers, Spectranet 4G LTE has introduced Spectra-cular data plans.

Structured to suit the needs of all types of Data users - Casual users, Moderate users, and Heavy users, these simple easy-to-understand plans named as Unified Value, Mega ...