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Megamond Investment Limited: Where You Can Buy A Home

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Megamond Investment Limited is the leading Real Estate and rental market place dedicated to empowering consumers with data and knowledge around the place they call home,serves a full life cycle of owning and living in a home.

Megamond Investment Limited has grown exponentially since the opening of the first Megamond office in 1992.

Megamond Investment Limited is a diverse residential real estate investment company in Lagos and the developers of Lekki County Homes. Megamond is constructing over two hundred mixed houses residential facillities including corporate rental spaces across the Lagos metropolis within the last 28 years.

Buying luxury home is a desire for most people, from grand vilas in the country to penthouses with beautiful view of the city.

When you add smart home technology to the mix, the options are limitless for buyers seeking grandeur.

Demand for luxury real estate is growing in emerging markets across Africa in countries lsuch as Nigeria, high net worth individuals see purchasing luxury homes/houses as good investment. In addition, modern families wish to live in secure,upscale, amenity rich neighbor.

You might need to avoid these if you are buying your home.

1. Not hiring a rental estate agent:
You definitely need help from experts like us" Megamond Investment Limited" To avoid stories.

2. Skipping The home inspection:
At Megamond Investment Limited we ensure you don't Skip our inspection days. Seeing what you want to buy important to to us and you.

Not Having a Clear Budget:
This should be the first thing you do even before speaking to Megamond, be sure on what you can afford.

At Megamond Investment Limited we sell both land and houses and we Properties in Lagos and Ibadan. If you are familiar with Lekki, you will understand that the Okota and Chevron axis of Lekki is a premium location for accomplished Nigerians.

Megamond Investment Limited offers premium terrace and detached duplexes for sale and many more.

Megamond Investment Limited has 16 ongoing units of duplexes at Lekki County Homes.

Are You Ready To Buy Your First Home?

Megamond Investment Limited will help you!




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