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Arctic-Lolat Global Concept Ltd

Imagine that you are driving around town in your beautiful car and all of a sudden you heard a bang at the back. You stop and step out only to come face to face with a huge dent on your car. Your heart begins to palpitate as the thought of where to take your car for a fix begins. Or you want to refresh your car or give it an entirely new look in preparation for one of those popular festivals. Or your company has just bought some cars that need to be branded in its colours and logos

In each of these scenarios, you are confused as to where you can get world class services, quick delivery and commensurate charges.

If this is your worry, we are solving it right here and now. Visit Arctic-Lolat Global Concept Limited at 54 Liasu Road, Cele Bus Stop beside RCCG, Top Mega Parish By Nuratu Galubi Street, Idimu, Lagos.

Arctic-Lolat Global Concept Limited is the newest integrated car body workshops in town with the latest technology in auto body services such as state of the art spraying booth, baking machine and sundry other supporting equipment. The workshop was commissioned and opened for commercial use in the month of March this year. The company offers all services in auto body works such as painting/spraying, panel beating and branding for all categories of vehicles

Arctic-Lotat Global Concept Limited is manned by top class workforce with several years of experience.

Its unique selling points include attention to detail throughout all the stages of auto body services, timely delivery, pocket friendly charges and above all, use of top class materials such sikins auto base which is known worldwide as the foremost and best auto base paint in the world.

At Arctic Lolat Global Concept Limited, you are assured of peace of mind as the quality of job will always exceed your expectations while the friendly environment and courteous staff will always excite you.

Recently our staff writer had a chat with the Managing Director of Arctic-Lolat Global Concept Ltd, Mr Olayele Olagundoye and this is what he had to say about his company and its services.

What is Arctic-Lolat Global Concept Ltd into?

We are into automobile body work services for all categories and brands of vehicles such as cars, SUV, bus, lorry, truck amongst others.

Our services include, body works, painting, spraying and branding of vehicles.

We use ultra modern oven and baking machine. In fact we were the first in Africa to bring in the type of oven that we are using right now. It was the latest model as at when we brought it into Nigeria in 2018.

Why are you into this type of business?

I wanted to come and make a change in the way car body works, painting, spraying and branding is being done in Nigeria.

I was not really satisfied with the quality of service and the time it took to finish and I felt it could be a lot better.

What is your unique selling points or what stands you out?

A lot of things stand us out. We are using the most modern car oven. Infact we were the first company in Africa to import it.

We also use the best quality material such as sikins which is known through out the world as the best car paint.

Again we finish and make delivery within agreed time frame. No car stays here beyond three to five days.

Another thing is the quality of our work. When we are through with your car, you will certainly be satisfied because our equipment guarantees high quality job.

Most importantly, we have well trained staff who are always ready to go beyond what is normal. Here we handle each car according to its uniqueness. I also pay attention to what is going on even though I have very competent and well trained staff.

What do you want your company to be at the long run?

We want to be the very best in this aspect of business which is why we strive at all times to create and innovate. We will also like to used as a bench and reference point.

How about your price or charges?

We are very modest in our charges. In fact our charges do not reflect the kind of job that we do here.

If we were to charge our customers based on the quality of our services and the materials we use our price would certainly be very high but we don't. Our concern for now is to satisfy our customers and to proof that car painting and spraying can be done in a different way. We are not really thinking about money now. We put our best efforts, hands and materials and when we are through with a car, the owner will certainly be happy and will not even think about the cost at all.

Why should some one takes his dented car to your company when there are other places?

You certainly have to choose us because of the quality of our services.

We pay attention to even the smallest detail. For instance, if a customer complaints about anything or any particular spot after we have finished, we will quickly attend to such complaint and we won't mind having to spray or paint that particular portion again.

We also deliver on time unlike others who will delay and postpone but for us we finish it even before the agreed date.

What type of reactions do you get from your clients?

All we get is commendations and outright expression of joy, happiness and satisfaction. Our clients like what we do, therefore they recommend us to their friends, families and colleagues.

We use quality materials. We do not use any thing outside of sikins paints.

Do you intend to open branches outside of Lagos?

Not now. Already we have customers from calabar and other places outside of Lagos.

We are already making plans to bring up other complimentary services but certainly not to open new branches.

What do you say to your client?

I will first of all like to thank them for their patronage and also promise them that we won't deviate from our principles of quality services.

We will never compromise on the use of quality materials because we want them to be happy at the end of the day. Please be rest assured that we will stick to our high standard and will even strive to exceed it.

Pls continue to patronize us and also tell your friends, family members and your colleagues about us.

About The CEO

Mr Olayele Olagundoye holds an HND in Business Administration from Enugu State Polytechnic. He is also a farmer who specializes in fisheries. He is happily married with kids. He loves to watch football but is not a fan of any particular football club. He is from Ondo in Ondo State, South West of Nigeria.

Contact Information

Office: 54 Liasu Road, Cele Bus Stop Beside RCCG Top Mega Parish, By Nuratu Galubi Street, Idimu, Lagos

Tel: 08023670375, 08177062575



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