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BJ Motors

BJ MOTORS is a leading car shop with outlets all over Lagos. The company sells top quality premium car brands of mainly 2003 to 2018 models which it imports from Europe and America. BJ Motors sells premium brands such as Mercedes G Wagon, Range Rover, Phantom Ferrari, Rolls Royce, and Range Rover Evoque. Others are LX 570, ES 350, Toyota Camry, Toyota land cruiser, Toyota Highlander, Venza amongst several others. BJ Motors gives mouth watering discount on every purchase and is always ready to assist its customers in getting the right automobile engineers whenever their cars develop any faults. The company is ably run by Alhaji Muyideen Abolaji Adensanya as Managing Director/ CEO who had this to say while in a chat with our staff writer.

What is BJ Motors into?

We are car dealers. We sell good quality foreign used cars such as Mercedes G Wagon, Bentley, Phantom Ferrari, Range Rover Sport, Rolls Royce and Evogue. Others are Toyota Camry, Benz, Toyota Highlander, Toyota land cruiser, LX 570, ES 350 amongst others.

We import our cars from Europe and America in very sound and good condition.

How Has Business Been So Far?

It has been very good and and we thank God for all his supports and kindnesses. We would want it to be better but we still thank God.

How Are You Different From Other Car Dealers?

We are different because of the way we treat our customers. We are very open and honest with our customers because we tell them the truth about the condition of the cars they are buying. If there is any faults we let them know what the fault is and what has to be done to rectify it.

We give discount for every purchase. We are not greedy, therefore our price for every car is lower than that of our competitors.

Why Do You Sell These brands of Car?

We sell the types of cars that people ask for. Good quality cars and at very good prices.

G Wagon
Rolls Royce
Toyota Camry
Toyota Highlander
Toyota land cruiser

Why Did You Become A Car Dealer?

I have always been involved with automobile products. It may interest you to know that I'm a trained automobiles mechanic and I specialised in the repairs and maintenance of Mercedes Benz and other brands of cars therefore it was easy for me to branch off into sales of cars.

As a mechanic I can easily tell a car that is in good condition and with that knowledge I can then advice my customers. It is also easy for me to differentiate between foreign and Nigerian used cars.

How Do You Get Buyers For Your Cars?

I have been in this business for eighteen years so a lot of people know me as a very honest sellers of good quality foreign used cars. So whenever they want to buy cars they will come to me.

Again, some of those who have bought cars from me in the past do introduce me to their friends ,families and colleagues.

Most importantly, I network with other car dealers. We share pictures of the cars we have and whoever has a buyer sells the car and you get your money.

What Problem Are You Facing in the business?

Well there is no much problem except that I will like the government to lower the tariff on automobile products so that we can bring in more cars. The current tariff is too high. It's really affecting our business.

Any Regret?

No I don't have any regret whatsoever. It is a good business and I will even like my son to go into it.

Which Other Aspects of automobile will you like to branch off into in future?

I will like to have a mechanic work shop for the repairs and maintenance of cars. If you remember I told you that I'm a trained automobile mechanic. Some day in future I will have a well equipped work shop for car repairs and maintenance.

Will You Like To Sell Made In Nigeria Cars?

Off course I will . I will even sell with pride and happiness. I will not only sell sell, I will drive it also. I'm hoping that some day in future, there will be a made in Nigeria car.

Advice To Buyers?

My advice is very simple. Whenever you want to buy a car, look for honest and reliable car sellers like me.

A seller who will not hide anything from you about the car you are buying. Someone Who will even help you in case of any major breakdown as you use the car.

How Do You Rest?

I rest with my family. I eat with them and we stay together. I like to sleep too.

About The CEO

I am Alhaji Muyideen Abolaji Adensanya, the Managing Director/CEO of BJ Motors

Office: 93 Idimu Road, Okunola Bus Stop, Egbeda, Lagos.

Tel: 081278264646, 08056211224, 08069779765, 09098785308

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