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Conical Mills & Beverages Limited

Mr Akin Osinkolu, Managing Director/CEO of Conical Mills & Beverages Nigeria Limited and Furak Systems Limited is many things rolled into one. He is a clergyman statistician and mathematician. He is also a computer engineer, software developer and inventor who has just created Sunbran, a meal with tremendous medicinal content. What is the story behind Sunbran and how does he hopes to make it a staple food in Nigeria and abroad? Mr Akin Osinkolu gives answers to these and other questions. Read It.

What Is Sunbran Meal?

Sunbran is an amazing flour which is made from a combination of four different natural grains such as pearl millet, Sesame seeds and two others. These grains are blended and combined in different proportions.

It is starch free, gluten free and soluble fibre thus increasing its potential for use as food for the management of diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and migraine. It also reduces the risk of heart attack and menstrual cramps.

It is solid therefore can be swallowed like eba, semovita and wheat with any soup of your choice. It can also be prepared and used as pap or pancake. It is easy to digest and does not cause constipation even when eaten late in the night.

Sunbran meal has been approved by NAFDAC for human consumption. Similar approval has been given to it by an equivalent agency in the Republic of Sierra Leone.

Therefore, eat it regularly to be vibrant, healthy , younger and happy.

"I can guarantee you that if an asthma patient who uses in hailer eats up to two kilograms of sunbran over a period of time, he or she would be healed and is not likely to continue with the use of inhaler. It has been proven"

How Did You Develop Sunbran Meal?

"I'm a computer expert. I had a contract which resulted in my relocation to Sierra Leone. While there I ate and enjoyed the local food which was often sweet due to very high sugar content. At a point I began to feel some discomforts which warranted me to go to the hospital, at the hospital it was found out that my sugar level is high meaning that I was diabetic. I was placed on drugs. It was after this that I even realized that most Sierra leoneans are diabetic due to the nature of their food.

Every time I went to the market to buy some food items in Sierra Leone my mind will tell me to buy certain items and blend it in certain proportions but I won't buy. It continues like that over time but one day I decided to buy as my mind had directed, blended and combined everything according to the proportions which my mind had been telling me and thereafter I ate it. I even gave it to some friends and acquaintances.

I ate and used this meal for some times and I even forgot to continue with my diabetes drugs. On another test, it was found out to my surprise that my sugar level has dropped to normal. Other people who had eaten my food made similar testimonies.

With these results I began to produce, packaged and presented the food for approval in Sierra Leone.

On enquires I realized that these ingredients are also available in the northern parts of Nigeria. It has just been approved by NAFDAC after two years effort and we have begun large scale production. That is the story behind sunban meal"

Where Can Someone Gets It And How Is It Doing In Market?

We are making effort to increase production so that we can have enough in the market. As at today we have some distributors and we are still looking for more. You can find this meal in shops, stores and some super markets especially across Lagos. It is doing well in the market because those who don't eat wheat are beginning to turn to it.

What Is The Larger Vision That You have For This Product?

Apart from wanting to make it a staple food in Nigeria and elsewhere, my major objective is to see that people live free of diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Any body who eats this meal over time will surely live free of these diseases and that will give me greater joy than profit making.

What Are The Challenges You Are Facing?

Well, it took us about two years to get NAFDAC's registration and approval.

Another challenge has to do with the cost of getting some of our inputs or ingredients. Yes all the ingredients are here in Nigeria but some are very costly far costlier than in Sierra Leone.

Every one knows about the ever worsening energy situation in Nigeria. Notwithstanding, we intend to forge ahead.

How About The Price, Is It Affordable?

It is very affordable and we even intend to make it more affordable as we expand our production. I told you that my intention is to see that through this meal our people will begin to live free of certain illnesses such as diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, menstrual cramps, heart attack and other sicknesses.

What Are Your Principles of Life?

I'm a Christian and I'm very close to God. I forgive people easily and always look out for the good aspects in someone not minding all the negative things other people might be saying about that person.
I don't know how to keep malice.

Do You Belong To Professional Organisations?

No I don't. I'm a very shy person and I don't like talking much when other people are around. Some of my friends who are at the top echelon of the computer society of Nigeria have been asking me to join them but I'm not really interested.

About The CEO

Mr Akin Osinkolu is a Clergyman, Statistician and Mathematician. He is also a Computer Engineer, Software Developer and Inventor. He hails from Ekiti State.

Contact Information

Office: 6 Oreoluwa Street, Ayetoro Tele, Ogun State

Tel: +234 8038045000, +234 9083105085

Email: conicalmillsbeverage@gmail.com

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