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Crystalgate Industrial Cleaning & Logistics Ltd

Mr Adeyemi, the Managing Director/CEO of Crystalgate Industrial Cleaning & Logistics Ltd is a mobile encyclopedia of some sort as far as industrial and corporate cleaning is concerned. For a man who has spent well over thirty years in this industry in Nigeria and abroad, there is hardly any aspect of cleaning that he cannot talk about with ease and confidence . In this chat with our staff writer, he opens up on how it all started, where he is today, his hopes and aspirations. Read it.

What Is Crystalgate Industrial Cleaning & Logistics Ltd All About?

We are a leading cleaning company with diverse competencies in different aspects of cleaning. Our services include :

  • Corporate Cleaning
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Residential and Home Cleaning
  • Post Construction, Renovation and Event Cleaning
  • Pest control and Fumigation, Etc

In the aspect of corporate cleaning, we clean floor, signage, walls, windows and glasses, furniture, fittings and the entire office space with the aim of making the place conducive for workers to work.

We station our staff in these offices to clean at night and in the day. They even resume long before the workers arrive.

Under industrial cleaning we undertake different aspects of cleaning such as floor stripping and refreshing. We also degrease floors and engines especially for those organisations that deal with diesel and other oils. We do this with different types of specialized chemicals and equipment.

Our homes and residential cleaning services include thorough cleaning of the inner recesses of homes, toilet, furniture, carpet, bed rooms, bathe rooms and kitchens for the purpose of making the entire home to be conducive and healthy to live. We also eliminate bad and offensive odour.

We also handle post construction, renovation and event cleaning which may involve damp, debris, dust mopping and clearing of leftovers. This type of service normally takes place during or after construction, renovation and events.

Our pest control services include fumigation to de rat and to eliminate pests and insect in homes, offices and adjourning areas.

Who Are Your Clients?

We have worked and are currently working with government agencies and corporate organisations across different industries both in Lagos and beyond. We also work with individuals.

We do not advertise our services because our work speaks for us. Most times our clients advertise us by telling others about our good work and those companies or individuals in turn approach us to serve them.

The following are some of our clients:

  • Panasonic Limited
  • Mohinani Group of Companies
  • Polaris Bank
  • De-United Foods
  • Insignia Print Tech Limited
  • Daar Communication Plc
  • Federal Radio Corporation, Abuja
  • Lagos Sea Port
  • Rafle Oil
  • Kewalram and Chanrai Group of Companies
  • Lagos Free Trade Enterprise Ltd
What Is Your Unique Selling Points?

It is the way we work, the quality of our work and how we treat our clients. We put our clients in our situation and refrain from charging them exorbitant or excessive fees. We are very modest in our charges without necessarily compromising standard and quality.

How Do You withstand Competition?

We don't have problems with competition. In fact competition grooms and strengthens us. It makes to think, create and innovate.

We are not afraid of competition at all because when you are many, every one will try to innovate and create but if you are alone or few you hardly do that, therefore competition is really necessary for growth and development.

How did you get into this industry?

I set up this company when I came back to Nigeria from America. While I was in America, i did some cleaning jobs on part time basis. We used to clean homes, offices and even aeroplanes. It was in America that I developed interest in cleaning as a vocation.

When I came back to Nigeria and as I went round I observed that certain things were not right in certain homes cleaning wise. Some times when I raised it up, some of them indicated interest and I would even ask them if they would be able pay. My first job was with the Jamaican embassy and since then, we have been forging ahead.

How do you train your staff?

We do train our staff on the job and in house. When we employ, we expose our new employees to three months of serious training after which we send them to the field for practical experience.

We also make use of different types of equipment and chemicals depending on the kind of cleaning that we are handling at a particular time. We are very safety conscious, therefore we use those chemicals that do not harm our workers and clients who happen to be the end users of our services.

Sir What Are Your Believes In Life?

I believe in integrity. Every man is his word but it is very unfortunate that men and women of integrity are very few in Nigeria these days.

I like to meet people, it is really very important to me. I also leave a modest life, that is why i'm in this small office. I don't believe in stockpiling money in the bank when other people are going about with hunger.

How Would You Describe A Good Cleaning Company?

A good cleaning company is that company that takes care of all aspects of cleaning and pays attention to the smallest details. It goes beyond clearing dirt. It is total cleaning. The air around and within the environment must be made healthy and free of odour.

Where Do You Want Your Company To Get To In This Sector?

We want to be the best cleaning company in Nigeria and beyond. We know that it is not going to be easy but we are sure that we can get there.

We are not resting on our oars. We create and innovate and strive always to exceed our own standard with every job. Each job is a privilege and we do it with all might while deploying the best manpower and equipment including none heath injurious chemicals.

Our Views On Crystalgate Industrial Cleaning & Logistics Ltd

Crystalgate Cleaning Company is leader as far as industrial cleaning is concerned in Nigeria. company . The uniqueness of the company lies in it strong and unequalled competencies in different aspects of cleaning.

In its over twenty years of existence, the company has worked across all spectrums of industry/public sector delivering world class services at pocket friendly charges without necessarily compromising standard and quality.

The company also stands out amongst its peers for continuously training its workforce and robust deployment of technology and chemicals to achieve its goals.

About The CEO

Mr Adeyemi, the Managing Director/CEO of Crystalgate Industrial Cleaning & Logistics Ltd was trained both in Nigeria and the United States of America. He has been involved in different types of cleaning services for well over thirty years. Prior to his involvement in this sector, he had worked in various capacities in the foreign service of Nigeria. Mr Adeyemi loves to read and meet people.

Office: 90 , Iju Road, Jungle Bus Stop, Beside GTBank, Agege, Lagos State

Tel: +234 8032293006, +234 8111176742

Whatsapp: +234 8032293006

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