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Double Doctor Herbal Limited

Dr. Akanni. S. Abiola , Alias Double Doctor is a Trado Medical Practitioner and Managing Director of Double Doctor Herbal Limited. In This Interview, He spoke about His Experiences in Traditional Medical Practice and the Need for Nigerians to Embrace Good Quality Herbal Drugs /Products. This is what he has say:

What Motivated You To Engage In Traditional Medical Practice?

It is the passion to take care of people when they are sick that pushed me into this practice. I hate to see people suffer as a result of sickness. I always like to see happy, well and strong people. In fact, I'm very much concerned with the well-being of people.

How Do You Make Your Herbal Drugs?

All my products or herbal drugs are based on thorough research and careful selection of the right herbal materials such as roots, leaves and other items. As I speak, most of my herbal drugs and products are currently undergoing necessary checks and examination by the regulatory authority.

I also run a well registered herbal clinic where I treat my patients with herbal based drugs and products.

What Diseases Do You Treat?

I have up-to eight different drugs and booster. I have drugs for different types of illnesses such as:


Perfect formula to correct the functions of the heart. It lowers high blood pressure and makes the heart beats slowly with less force.


A remedial herbal action which is effective for breaking down (metabolize) the food we eat and regulate the body's use of glucose. It also maintains normal blood sugar levels.


An effective blood purifier, stomach soother that reduces sugar level, eliminate water weight. It treats malaria and typhoid and help in the management of diabetes.


A unique herbal medicine that promotes immune response against sexually transmitted diseases and related problems. It prevents illnesses and increases strength to safeguard the body.


A well researched herbal medicine for all transmitted diseases and venereal infection and prevent future affliction.


Herbal tea that improves libido and restores ability for several rounds of sex. Delays ejaculation and promotes fertility and sperm count. For enjoyable sexual performance hundred percent.


A well researched herbal capsule that strengthens the life cell of sickle cell anemia and helps to regulate the frequency of cries of sickle cell disease.

PILE (Blood Drooling)

Advanced pile which is known as hermorrhoid both internal and external pile which causes difficulty in passing excreta, blood drooling, pains around the anus or anal fissure or protruding of anal and waist pains. Get it treated to prevent impotency.

HIV 1 And 2: Are You A Victim?

Weep not, get treated. with standardized remedial herbal medicine and your health will be restored. It may interest you to know that I have been handling HIV cases since 2008.

BAD BREATH (Halitosis)

Mouth or body odour is embarrassing experience which makes a victim feels uncomfortable. You can now speak louder with our herbal remedy. Get it cured now.


Herbal liquor for treatment of chronic cough e.g. Asthma, Whooping Cough, tuberculosis, bronchitis, throat and chest congestion.


Eractic cycle, scanty or unusually heavy menstrual flow, midcycle spotting, non ovulatory periods, menstrual cramps, cease menstruation before menopause, painful intercourse and offensive discharge. Hormonal imbalance, blocked Fallopian tube. Get them cured with our remedial herbal action.


Be fit, smart and agile. Eat what ever you want and get general weigh lose only with our relationship herbal action.


A gastrointestinal antispasmodic Herb to correct indigestion and abdominal cramping that contains some compound enzymes that break down protein and promote secretion of bile which help digest fats. It also expels gas irritable bowel syndrome and stop stomach upset.


Herbal formula for the treatment of both ache. Help soothe mouth sores and soar throat.

Our Products


It has been very fine. I don't have any regret except that I don't like the fact that some of my colleagues in the trade are laying emphasis or paying more attention to money as against good service and I think that is very bad.

The well-being of people should be the higher concern. When you do a good job, treat people and your drugs are potent and efficacious, money will come.

Again, government should assist traditional medical practitioners . I once took my sickle cell herbal drugs to the sickle cell center at the University of Lagos, instead of them to test my product to ascertain its potency, they were asking me to pay for those test and I did not have money.

I'm still using that herbal drug to manage sickle cell and it has been working.

Finally I will say to Nigerians, come on, I have potent herbal drugs to treat you and non of my herbal drugs has any negative side effects. Most of my drugs have been tested by the regulatory body and I'm a registered traditional medical practitioner.

About The CEO

I'm Dr. Akanni. S. Abiola, Alias Double Doctor, a Trado Medical Practitioner and Managing Director of Double Doctor Herbal Limited. I was borne into a family of traditional medical practitioners. At a very tender age, I used to help my parents to sort, wash, clean and pound some roots, leaves and other necessary items of herbal drugs and treatment. Therefore, I can say that I have been involved in it from birth.

Apart from this background, I have also received formal training on health and Heath management. In fact I have a certificate to show.

Contact Information

Office: 11 Abeokuta Expressway , Mangoro Express Bus Stop, Ikeja, Lagos

Tel: 08054289008, 08033602308



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