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Khanazee Nigeria Enterprise

The Managing Director Of Khanazee Nigeria Enterprise Is A Well Known And Highly Respected Traditional Medical Practitioner, Who Has Seen It All In His Chosen Profession, In This Chat He Bares His Mind On Traditional Medical Practice And Other Issues.

How Long Have You Been In traditional Medical Practice?

It has been quite a long while since I began to cure ailments with herbal based drugs and so far it has been going on very smoothly.

Are You A Registered Traditional Medical Practitioner?

Yes. You cannot practice in Lagos State if you are not fully registered by the Lagos State traditional Medicine Board which is a parastatal under the Lagos State ministry of Heath.

First of all, you will undergo some trainings and afterwards you be issued with two certificates. The first certificate indicates that you have gone through their training and they are satisfied while the other is a license for you to practice in Lagos State.

With these two certificates I can practice anywhere in Lagos. I have also provided my services to people outside of Lagos.

I have treated patients from as far as Anambra State, Akwa Ibom State, Nasarawa state, Delta state, Kogi state, Abuja and Lagos State which of course is my base.

In some cases I treat them without even seeing or knowing them. I will ask them to go for test and read the result of the test to me, with that I will tell them what to do.

What is your area of specialization or which ailments do you specialize in treating?

I specialize in the treatment of infertility. I treat both primary and secondary infertility.

By primary infertility I mean infection at the very early stage while secondary infertility is that which results from chronic or long lasting infection. By the grace of God I have treated quite a long list of patients and they are quite happy and satisfied.

I do also engage in networking and referrals. Meaning that I won't mind sending anybody or my parents to where there is competence. I also seek the support or advice of my colleagues especially from those who are specialists in such areas . I have colleagues who specialized on HIV, sickle cell, bones and heart or cardiac issues.
Besides infertility we can handle other health challenges such as:

  • STDs
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Fibroids
  • Liver Problems
  • Hernia
  • Blood Disorder
  • Sickle Cell Anemia
  • Stress Management
  • HIV

I have developed some herbal drugs, some of them have been approved by the Lagos State traditional Medicine Board while others are awaiting approval.

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How Do You Develop Your Herbal Drugs?

I do it through a thorough research and consultation with appropriate persons and knowledgeable colleagues. That is what we are doing and the results are always okay.

With The Widespread Destruction Of Forest, How Do You Source For Herbs and Other Relevant Items?

It is a problem because we are destroying our forest on a daily basis but the good news is that some people are establishing botanical farms in different parts of the country where some of these plants are grown. We also buy at the open market.

Can You Tell Us The Challenges You Are Facing ?

There are challenges all over the place. You have medical doctors and others in the orthodox or western medicine who are in the habit of trying to look down on traditional medicine.

Some of them say that traditional medicine does not have dosages and even try to suggest that we are fetish. This of course is not true.

We use natural items like herbs, roots, leaves and others to formulate our drugs or treat people. Who doesn't use leaves? .Anyone that eats vegetables has used herbs.

Another challenge has to do with our inability to raise funds for research and production of herbal drugs. It is capital intensive to mass produce drugs.

The media too is another problem. Their charges are too exorbitant . I'm saying this out of my personal experience.

Again the inability or delay to integrate traditional medicine into the mainstream of health care delivery system in the country is possing a huge problem. If you go to China and Ghana the case is different.

What Advice Do You Have For Government and Nigerians About Traditional Medicine?

My advice to government is that they should pass or promulgate relevant laws that will ensure that orthodox or western medical practice exists side by side with traditional medical practice.

Other states should emulate what Lagos State has done. At this point I will like to pay tribute to professor Lambo who alongside others championed the course of traditional medical practice in Nigeria.

Again, the kind of treatment and privileges that orthodox medical doctors enjoy should be extended to us too. For instance, if a patient who is in the care of a Medical doctor dies, the doctor will be exernorated but if the same thing happens to a traditional medical practitioner, he will be charged. Why?

Lastly I will advise Nigerians to patronize good, experienced and registered traditional medical practitioners.

About The CEO

I'm Abdulazeez Uthman O, the Managing Director Of Khanazee Nigeria Enterprise.

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