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King David Digital Nigeria Limited

King David Digital Nigeria Limited is a company which was registered with the corporate Affairs Commission in 2013 to engage in different aspects of businesses in Nigeria.
Amongst others, the company is into all types of printing services, dry cleaning and laundry services and above all property and real estate development.

Right from its inception, the company has chosen for itself the daunting responsibility of keeping and maintaining global best practices in all its undertakings, little wonder it is in just a few years becoming a benchmark in property and real estate business in Nigeria.

With a young, dynamic, versatile and astute businessman as chairman and managing director, it can be said that in just a few years to come, King David Digital Nigeria Limited will grow to become a force to reckon with in various sectors of the Nigerian economy especially in the property and real estate business where it is aspiring to be the catalyst for solving the perennial housing crisis in Nigeria.

In this chat with Honourable Akinsuyi Olutayo David, Managing Directorr/CEO of King David Digital Nigeria Ltd, Honourable Councillor representing ward three in Agbado/Oke Odo Local Council Development Area and Deputy Leader in the Council, he speaks about his desire to use the instrumentalities of his three offices to lift his people, hopes and dreams. Read It.

Sir What is King David Digital Nigeria Limited Into?

King David Digital Nigeria Ltd was established in 2013 to engage in all types of legitimate business activities.

At the initial stage, the company was involved in all types of printing, dry cleaning and laundry services, as time went on, it evolved into a full fledge property and real estate company with the mission to contribute its quota in solving the perennial housing problem in Nigeria.

We undertake all types of activities in the property and real estate sector of the economy such building construction, renovation, maintenance, management and sales of land and property.

In fact, we are an integrated property and real estate company.

As we speak, we are undertaking the construction of an ultra modern market at Ekoro in conjunction with Agbado /OkeOdo local Council Development Area and a consortium of financiers.

The market project at Ekoro junction is based on public private collaboration which means that the government awarded the contract to us without commitng or investing a dime while we source for funds or financiers to execute the project. Work is going on and we hope to complete it very very soon.

How is your company doing in this sector so far?

We are pushing and forging ahead like every one else. Like I said we are bringing integrity, honesty and sincerity into the property and real estate sector because we know that the frequent and rampant incidences of building collapse and other negative occurences in the sector are the direct results of the absence of Integrity, honesty and sincerity.

What Do You Want King David Nigeria Ltd To Be in Years To Come ?

We hope to be the best and the most preferred company in the property and real estate sector of the economy.

We want to be known and associated with integrity, honesty, sincerety and trust. We want to be spoken about as a company that upholds high ethical standard in the property sector

How can government solves the problem of shortage of houses in Nigeria?

The first step is to realize and accept the fact that government cannot do it alone, thereore there must be a strong collaboration between government and private organisations to ensure that there is enough houses for Nigerias.

The government can only achieve that if it is ready to allocate enough land for private estate developers and subsidize the construction of such houses to ensure that what is built at the end of the day is not outside the reach of an average person in the society as it is the case now.

In South Africa, government allocates land and still procceed to give loan to people or organizations to enable them construct or develop such land.

About The CEO

Akinsuye Olutayo David is a businessman and politician who intends to use both endeavors to change the lives of people. He is an accountant. He loves sport especially football. He loves to meet people, reading and adventure.

Contact Information

Head Office: Agbado/Oke Ode Local Council Development Area, Lagos - Abeokuta Expressway, Oh Oba Bus Stop, Lagos.

Tel: 08065607610, 08056722266


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