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Moa Professional Institute

"Moa Professional Institute is a leading Programmes center of City & Guilds. a renowned and globally acclaimed body for vocational training and certification. We have been their Programmes center for more than twenty years during which period we have trained, prepared and presented thousands of candidates for examination and certification. Some of those candidates are today working at various levels in government and private organisations through out Nigeria and beyond" - Engr Kolapo Abodurin, a top official of Moa Professional Institute said this and many more during a chat with our staff writer.

City & Guilds

City & Guilds is an international vocational training and certification body or Institute which was founded in London. It has been in existence for well over one hundred years and has active presence in more than eighty six countries including Nigeria.

City & Guilds trains, examines and certifies applicants on both engineering and non engineering fields. By non engineering trades, I mean trades or vocations such as culinary services, photography, carpentry, plumbing, barbing. Tailoring and many others. Its certificate is recognized all over the world.

The training is both theoretical and practical. However there is greater emphasis on the practical aspect of the entire training program.

Admission Requirements

The basic requirement for registration is the ability to read and communicate in the English language. There is little or no emphasis on educational certificates for registration or admission to our programs.

All you have to do is to indicate your preferred vocations or trade. That will be followed by an evaluation or assessment to determine your proficiency in the use of English language

If the result of that assessment is fine, you proceed but if not, we will then bring you up to the right level by organising trainings for you on the use of English language, thereafter you go ahead.

For those who wish to be certified for an already acquired trade or vocation. We still have to do some evaluations to determine the applicant's level of competent, skills or knowledge in the vocation or trade in question and with that we will then determine where to place the applicant and the type of training experiences the applicant must be exposed to.


As earlier mentioned there are both theoretical and practical training even though there is higher premium on practical training.

There are several levels of training and each can be equated with what is obtained at the conventional school system.

There are levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. and beyond. Each of these levels corresponds with A level, ND, HND, Bsc and up to masters and doctorate degrees.

Examination for certification takes place two times in one year. To be qualified for the exam, a candidate must have had a least six months of theory and practical training.


City & Guilds works with local institutions and Organizations to train and prepare applicants for examination and subsequent certification. This is where Moa Professional Institute comes in.

We have been their Programmes center and collaborators for more than twenty five years and within these years we have trained, prepared and presented thousands of Nigerians and foreigners for examination and certification. Most of those applicants are today working at various levels in government and private organisations through out Nigeria and beyond.

We also work with workshops and other establishments that have the kind of competencies we require.

Some of them train our candidates in line with the curriculum and syllabus of City & Guilds while we handle the theoretical aspects of the training. This off course is in respect to the non engineering trades or vocations.

However, we are solely in charge of the entire practical training for vocations or trades because we can boast of a world class engineering workshop.

Quality Checks

All our training is in line with the curriculum and syllabus of City & Guilds and in all cases they send external verifiers to check, assess and measure the practical skills of our candidates.

Recognition Of Certificate And Benefits

Any certificate which is issued by City & Guilds is respected and recognized both in Nigeria and the world over.

You can use our certificate to work in government and private organisations, to gain admission for higher studies or educational improvement. It is particularly more useful to those who intend to relocate to other countries because with City & Guilds certificate, securing a job Will never be a problem.

City & Guilds is very dynamic and tailored to meet the needs of industries and other organizations at any particular time.

Every now and then new learning experiences are added in order to meet new challenges and requirements.


Moa Professional Institute hopes to transform into a full fledge polytechnic with strong focus on engineering and non engineering courses.


I will advise Nigerians in different works of life to key into the program of City & Guilds in their own interest.

You will get much more at City &Guilds than you would get in the conventional learning.

City & Guilds offers you sound and second to none practical experiences which the conventional learning centers don't have.

The program is flexible and drawn to meet or suit the life style and convenience of each applicants.

About The CEO

Engr Martins Adeleke is the Managing Director/CEO of Moa Professional Institute. He is a well trained and tested Nigerian who has worked in the public sector for more than two decades. He is a consultant to many government agencies and multinational corporations in Nigeria and abroad. He has trained and continue to train thousands of engineers, some of whom are today serving in various capacities in both government and the private sectors.

Lagos Office: 93 Idimu Road, Okunola Bus Stop, Open Door Hospital Building Egbeda, Lagos

Ibadan Office: 2nd Floor Old Leventis Building Signs, Dugbe, Ibadan Oyo State

Tel: 08034060023, 08155054787, 08163885076



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