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Towergate Cargo Logistics Limited

Mr Pius Erukaye, Managing Director and CEO of Towergate Cargo Logistics Limited represents the new face of business in Nigeria. He is vibrant, youthful, educated and highly experienced. For a man who has cris crossed and worked in both local and international companies in the freight and logistics sector, Mr Erukaye certainly knows it all. In this interview, he walked our staff writer through his intimidating curriculum vitae, the uniqueness of Towergate Cargo Logistics Limited and the present state of the freight and logistics sector of the Nigerian economy.

Towergate Cargo Logistics Limited

It is a logistics and supply company which was incorporated in 2018 to undertake the following services :

  • Air freight
  • Sea Freight
  • Custom Clearing
  • Clearance and Delivery
  • Local Haulage
  • Haulage to West Coast
  • Procurement

Towergate Cargo And Logistics Ltd is a member of world cargo alliance an international umbrella body for companies in the freight and logistics sector.

The company operates in more than 200 countries in the world and what that means is that towegate can pick from or send cargo to virtually all the countries in the world. We also have more than one hundred and eighty thousand professionals working for us in different parts of the world.

We import and also export, therefore we are intermediaries or stand between manufacturers and the consignees

Uniqueness of Towergate Cargo Logistics Ltd.

What stands us out is the way we respond to the needs of customers. We always strive to operate within agreed time frame. We deliver on time and at very low cost.

We can reduce cost of importation on companies by as much as twenty percent without necessarily compromising standard and quality. In this sector, there is no much cost apart from origin, air line , clearance and delivery costs and all that we do is just to place a little mark up of five percent.

Moreover as a new entrant to the market we have to be mindful of our rate. It is very possible for us to reduce cost because our overhead is quite low or small when compared to that of the giants in the sector.

Reason For Setting up Towergate Cargo Logistic Ltd

Well I realized that there was a vacuum to be filled in the market, and I felt I can do something about that.

Again after my Master degrees in business administration I was no longer motivated to continue as a paid employee because I believed I could and was in the right position to add value to the society with the type of experience and know how that I have accumulated over the years in the industry.

Success Rate

I will say that it has been a huge success so far but don't forget that we are new.

Notwithstanding, we have signed some accounts and there are several others which we have bidded for and we are now waiting for their go ahead to start work On the scale of ten, I will be give myself seven

Dislikes About The Industry

There are a lot of quacks in the industry who short change the government. They don't pay the right tariff to the government and due to that they are able to give very low quotations to their clients as against honest professionals like us. These quacks are ready to work for any amount because they cut corners.

The industry is not regulated at all. It is almost a free for all industry. So what the government should do is to regulate the sector and deal with those quacks who are not keeping to the rules because they are creating problems to genuine and honest operators.

How To Identify Quacks

You will know them by their quotations .In most cases they don't break down their quotations and will tell you that it's all inclusive whereas a honest professional would breakdown the charges according to the type of your cargo and several other considerations.

Competition With Big Players

The big players can't bully us out of business. They will always keep their customers. They have the money to undertake any business within the industry but we don't have such luxury.

We don't compete with them. All that we do is to run after small and medium scale industries that do not have much to spend on freight and logistics and are themselves looking for ways to cut cost in order to boost their businesses.

ON VAT Increment

It's going to affect everybody and not only me. It is a fact that it's going to affect my bottom line because my customers are going beat down my charges in order to fund the increment.

Manufacturers are going to pass the increment down to the consumers and at the long run, It is the consumers that are going to suffer. If I had my way I will ask them to stop the whole idea and will suggest to them to increase taxes on those politicians who are earning big money.

On Personal Principles

I believe in integrity honesty and uprightness and always strive to put that to bear in what I do. I don't lie. If a particular transaction is profitable I will say look this is profitable therefore I'm going to do it, if it is not I will also tell you. Others lie about their profit but I don't.

What Do You Say To Your Clients.

We are here to help drive down your over overhead cost through our charges.
We guarantee them quality services always at very reduced rate.
We are ethical therefore we won't cut corners in order to satisfy them.
We promise timely delivery of cargo while quality remains intact.

What He Wants To Achieve In The Sector

We hope to add value to the society and make life better for us and the society as a whole. We intend to set up an NGO at the long run to assist the underprivileged in our society.


Towergate Cargo Logistics Ltd is a well managed new entrant to the vibrant freight and logistics sector of the Nigerian economy. The company is founded upon the principles of integrity, uprightness, honesty and trust. Its watchwords include timely delivery of cargo from/to any country of the world at relatively Low charges without compromising standard and quality.

The company relies on the use of appropriate information technology gadgets and resources for efficiency. In barely a year of its existence, towergate cargo logistics Ltd has made some marks and is looking forward to conquering more grounds going forward. Its long term plan is to be a major player in the industry delivery world class services across all market segments.

Container Terminus
Cargo Plane

About The CEO

Mr Pius Erukaye hails from Delta State in the South South Zone of Nigeria. He holds both bachelor and master degrees which he got at the University of Benin. He is hugely experienced in the business of freight and logistics having worked with Coca Cola, Chase Express and FedEx Red Star amongst. He likes to meet good people. He equally watches Nigerian movies with Ukwa as one of his favorite actors. He no longer watches football matches due to the injury he sustained while playing football. He is a Christian who believes in those time tested principles of integrity, uprightness, honestly and trust.

Contact Information

Office: Block A Suite 6 Primal Tell Plaza, 63/65 Idimu Road, Egbeda Bus Stop, Egbeda, Lagos

Tel: 08038943087, 08078678323



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